From Palmtree Forest to Paradise

The Beach Village from the scratch. Pictures 2007-2014.
Dolphinbay 3  The palmtree forest 2007 townhouse2  Artist proof The Beach Village townhouse3  Artistproof detail. beach village 035  The first Block lined out. foto D.A.
beach village 025-1  Floor Block B 2007-2008. foto D.A. beach village 012  Floor Block B foto D.A DSC05730. 1jpg - kopie  2008 The cows walk throught the new buildings DSC05731 1  Curious cows.
DSC05744 1  Deal closed ! beach village 006  B.Block 2008. foto D.A 100 0307 (Medium)  Building on three Block's at the same time, april 2008 beach village 007  Foto D.A.
beach village 024 beach village 027  Darren's House beach village 034  B.Block 2007-2008 Foto D.A. beach village 036  Block B foto D.A.
DSC05732  And much more sand. IMG 1118 Block A DSC03879 1  No walls or anything around the compound. Picture-019  F.Block 2008-2009
Block C  Block C 25-03-2008 IMG 1111 Block A DSC03880.j 1pg  A lot of building stuff. DSC05733  Start from the swimmingpool 2008 Block C
100 0659 (Medium)  Overview from Block C march 2008 100 0658 (Medium)  The architecture becomes visible. Block b vanuit C  In every corner sand. DSC03882  Block C 2008
Zicht op Block C  Block C april 2008 DSC03914 1  Just sand roads in between the block's DSC03916  Mai 2008 just before I moved in. DSC03878  The start of the outside wall. Mai 2008.
DSC04477  Terrasses are under construction. IMG 1108 Block A  And everywhere a lot of wood. Block A DSC04471
DSC04478 - kopie DSC04480  Block G 2009 Uitzicht DolphinBay  G.Block 2009 Mai. DSC04482
DSC04483  Staircase around several Block's 2009 Reception  The Lobby under construction. DSC05743 1 DSC03983  A real road on the first part.
DSC05735. 1jpg IMG 0004 IMG 0005 IMG 0001
Block B juni2 stair-case DSC03884 DSC03886  Block A 2008
DSC03887  DolphinBay, pristine, without stalls on the beach 2008 DSC03888  Dolphinbay 2008 DSC03905  Many people at work in 2008 DSC03906
DSC03907  The swimming pool DSC03912 DSC03913 - kopie  And Then move in at the end of september 2008 DSC03915
DSC03984 - kopie beach village 032 100 0640 (Medium) DSC03970  The cows were still walking on the compound.
DSC04287 - kopie DSC04277 DSC04300  Over the sandpath to reach the house januari 2009 DSC04512  Our first guard 2008.
DSC03928 - kopie  September 2008. Praparations for one of our first owners meals together with the people from the Pool Villa's. DSC03936 - kopie DSC04513 2  Two guards december DSC07022  With the very first owners we went many times to the nursery's to buy our own plants.
DSC07023  Many plants in the car to take home. DSC07024  And then the first part of a road. DSC07026 DSC07027
2010 12 10 0891 copy  Sujang choosing furniture. Trips, we made a lot of times. 2010 12 10 0892 copy  And always plants, plants, plants. 2010 12 10 0896 copy  Sometimes very hot and mutch. 2010 12 10 0899 copy
Thailand20102011 078  At the end we had to sit on the top. : Thailand20102011 IMG 0565 copy  Agneta and I could hardley find a place to sit. IMG 0566 IMG 0666  In 2011 start with the decoration of the backterras.
IMG 0671 IMG 0667 IMG 0677 DSC01651  Vieuw from the terras Block A 2011
DSC01652 DSC01888  Jack 2011 DSC01890 DSC01904
DSC01906 DSC01908 DSC 0189  And in Februari 2012 the last painting to finisch the terras obove the restaurant. DSC 0173  The Beach Village 2014
DSC05348  Lots of new plants. DSC05349  Jack the gardener with more plants. DSC05365  And at the end one family  Januari 2013. DSC05352
DSC05368 DSC 0178  Our own restaurant on the compound Februari 2012. DSC 0182 DSC 0177 2
DSC 0021  D.Block 2014 DSC 0025  View from the D.Block 2014 DSC 0027  View from the D.Block 2014 DSC07547  A part of the TBV Family.
DSC 0011  And now we can enjoy our Paradise completely. DSC08253 DSC07063  Always care for us by the Golden Girls. DSC 0070  Christmas dinner 2013
DSC07838  The view from my roofterras  2014